3 to offer more value for Cap plans

3 have announced a new breed of cap with more talk value and a choice of unlimited 3G content included, as well as discounted popular 3G mobiles such as the Nokia N95 8GB.

3 was the first to introduce cap plans to Australia in 2003. The new caps, available from Thursday, 3 July, will include up to 25% more value in voice and text services, over 50% more free 3 to 3 calls, and in a break away from just including traditional voice and text services, 3 is including a choice of unlimited News, Sport or Fun from popular brands such as Sky News, Fox Sports and Fat Pizza.

All of 3’s new cap plans will give the highest national voice call value when maximising the cap compared to other carriers with a similar cap price. For example, 3’s new $69 Cap provides more national voice call value than $79 caps offered by other competitors (see table overleaf).

Phone price reduction

As part of 3’s commitment to provide more value, the prices of some of 3’s best selling mobiles will also be reduced, including the Nokia N95 8GB, LG Viewty (U990), Motorola V9 and Sony Ericsson W890i. The Nokia N95 8GB will be free on a $49 cap plan over 24 months, down from $34 per month on a$49 cap plan over 24 months.

Existing Cap customers can choose to move onto the new Caps and can call 13 33 20 for more information.


3’s new caps are available from Thursday, 3 July on a choice of 24-month plans, from 3 Stores and 3 Dealers across Australia.

Source: 3 Mobile