3 ways to celebrate Mothers Day with BLUETTI

Bluetti Mothers Day
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Mothers Day is when we can show love and appreciation to our mothers and mother figures, and this year BLUETTI is providing three ways to help celebrate, with up to $1389 in savings on its range of power solutions. Specials are valid until 18 May 2023.

1. Spoil mum with a relaxing excursion

Planning a camping trip with your mum? Bring along a portable power station like the BLUETTI EB3A or BLUETTI EB70 (pictured) to power your devices. These compact powerhouses weigh between 4.6kg and 9.7kg, making them easy to carry. With multiple outputs, they can charge your phones, laptops, car fridges, drones, fans, lamps, and more. And when you take the portable and lightweight BLUETTI PV200 solar panel, you can quickly top up your EB3A in 2.3 hours with a stable stream of 200W clean solar energy. With these solar power solutions, you can capture great moments in nature without worrying about running out of battery.

2. Empower your road trip with mum

Taking your mum on a road trip? Make sure you have a mobile power source with enough capacity and output. The BLUETTI AC200P (pictured) is a classic model, and perfect for supporting your off-grid life. It comes with 2000W power that can run most motor home appliances, such as hair dryers, refrigerators, heaters, air fryers, and more. If you need a CPAP machine for a good night’s sleep, the BLUETTI AC200P will keep it running all night long. 

Unlike fuel generators, the BLUETTI solar generator produces no noise or pollutants, making it perfect for use in your motor home. Add a B230 expansion battery to boost your AC200P from 2000Wh to 4048Wh via a P090D cable and enjoy more power supply for your extended trips. Even if you use up power, just connect it to your car or solar panels. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it recovers to full charge thanks to its maximum 700W solar input.

3. Gift her solid power and great convenience

Whether you live far from your mum or not, give her these high-capacity battery systems: BLUETTI AC500 (pictured) and AC300. These can be lifesavers during power outages, with both providing a responsive UPS function that takes over within 20 milliseconds of detecting an outage. The AC500 is a 5000W modular power station that raised $12 million on Indiegogo from more than 5000 backers. It pairs well with one to six B300S batteries for flexible capacity ranging from 3072Wh to 18,432Wh – enough to help your mum to get through a long power outage. 

The AC300 can hold a maximum 12,288Wh by using four B300 battery packs, generating 3000W power to carry heavy-duty appliances, such as ovens and barbecues, for family gatherings.

Furthermore, both systems can reduce mum’s electricity expenses by utilising solar power to its fullest potential. The AC500 with two B300S batteries can receive a maximum 8000W dual input (AC+Solar), to fully recharge in 90 minutes. The AC300 can recharge at a maximum 5400W by combining wall outlet and solar panels, storing cheap grid power and free solar power for peak-hour use.

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