3D glasses to be the next fashion ‘thing’

Apparently looking cool while sitting in a dark is the latest thing, with Oakley and Gucci both planning to release 3D glasses in their own styles.

While we’re not sure many people would notice you being unfashionable in the darkness of a cinema with theatre-supplied 3D glasses, if this is the sort of thing to concern you, Gucci has a solution.


For around $225, you will soon be able to pick up Gucci’s 3D eyewear, providing a safe haven for the fashion conscious who just happen to be watching 3D films at the cinema. Much like every pair of 3D glasses, these aren’t designed for outside use and include “optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology” which basically means the RealD projection systems currently used in 3D-enabled cinemas around the world.


Oakley’s glasses are inspired by the upcoming 3D movie “Tron: Legacy”, a sequel to the first “Tron” film released in the eighties. With an asking price of around $150, it’s a fair chunk cheaper than what Gucci is offering, but still a whole lot more than the ones your cinema gives you at a buck or two more than the cost of the ticket.

It’s probably worth noting that these glasses are designed to work at the cinemas with 3D movies and probably won’t work with your home 3D setup. Nor are they good for wearing in the sunlight.

Yes, these glasses are designed specifically for wearing in a dark theatre for your 3D movie viewing pleasure. It raises the question, do you need to spend over two-hundred dollars on 3D glasses?