3D without the glasses: coming soon to a screen near you

Every big TV company is pushing 3D glasses over our eyes with their latest models, but what if you could view big screen 3D without the glasses?

If the team at Sunny Ocean (no, we’re not making that name up) have any control, you just might be able to.

A new video wall system measuring 84-inches was shown at the Singapore Youth Games this past weekend able to display 3D without glasses.

While sans-glasses 3D or “autostereoscopy” isn’t a new thing, making it work from more than one viewpoint has proven a problem in the past. Previous tests have shown that they work from dead centre, but not as well from other viewpoints.

Sunny Ocean’s technology will be on display as early as next month, but don’t expect to find it inside your TV set any time soon. Video walls are generally used by big companies to show their wares, not to let you play games or movies on.

Still, if the technology works as well as reports are hinting, this could shake up the 3D technology found inside our TVs.