3SIXT Bluetooth IPX6 speaker range – all under $100

Aussie accessory maker 3SIXT has released three Bluetooth IPX6 speakers that defy price/performance paradigms.

Top-of-the-range is the SoundTube looking very much like a UE Boom at three times the price. This $99.95 rugged IPX6 speaker has


  • Two x 40mm, 6W drivers
  • Up to eight hours playback on a 2,000mAh battery
  • Frequency response is a surprising 180Hz-20KHz with the full range drivers kicking in at respectable bass levels
  • 182 x 68 x 68mm x 420g.
  • Also acts as a handsfree speakerphone.





The $79.95 SoundBrick continues the IPX6 rating. It has


  • Two x 40mm 5W drivers
  • 180Hz-20KHz
  • 174.5 x 50 x 71mm x 380g
  • 2,000mAh battery for up to eight hours and four-hour recharge time (faster if you use a 2+A charger)


The $49.95  SoundBlock like its bigger siblings is IPX6 water resistant. It has


  • Tne 50mm, 5W driver
  • 180Hz-20KHz
  • 1500mAh battery for five hours playback
  • 96.5 x 88 x 49.5mm x 240g.


GadgetGuy’s take – 3SIXT is good value and quite respectable

3SIXT is one of those brands that manages to offer good quality for reasonable prices. In doing so it produces no-frills products, e.g. no stereo pairing, party-up features, standard Bluetooth (no multi-point pairing and about a 10 metre oeprating distance).

It is a fact that when you enclose a speaker (IPX6), you cannot pump enough air to achieve good bass. If it does it is usually at the expense of mids and treble which you need for vocals and clarity.

The SoundTube should have enough higher-level bass given the design and internal volume.

3SIXT is available via major retailers, many newsagents, or you can order online. You will recognise the brand via its distinctive red and black packaging.

GasgetGuy reviewed the impressive 3SIXT Studio True Wireless Earbuds saying “Great value, performs well above the price.”