The biggest problem owners of Ultra HD TVs have right now is the lack of content. There is pretty much an absence of 4K media in Australia at the moment, but if you’re thinking of buying a Sony UHD TV, you’ll have one on the rest of us.

Promotions don’t normally stir us, but an upcoming one from Sony has made us wake up and take notice as it looks to offer an interesting deal for people keen on upgrading their television.

If you like the sound of an Ultra HD TV before the media well and truly comes out, Sony will be offering five movies in the Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160 to you, giving you something in ultra definition to watch on your brand new ultra definition TV.

“At this time of year, everyone is busy thinking about gifts for their loved ones, so it’s nice to be able to offer Sony customers a little something extra,” said Koichi Suzuki, General Manager of Consumer Products Marketing at Sony Australia.

“The Summer of Sony promotion includes a range of surprises for consumers, from bonus 4K Ultra HD movies to a free barbecue – perfect for summer entertaining while blasting music from your Muteki Hi-Fi system.”

Yes, depending on what you buy, you’ll receive something different, with the promotion running from October 28 through to December 31, 2014.

For instance, you can get a wireless speaker if you purchase another wireless speaker, and if you buy a Sony camera you’ll find a Sony lens provided for free, and as Suzuki just mentioned, you can get a barbecue if you buy a Sony Muteki HiFi system.