One of the strengths of the new LCoS technology is it allows very large screen sizes, such as the mammoth 71 inches of the LG 71SA1D. However, with such a large screen you also need a very high resolution. Thankfully this is another strength of LCoS technology and the 71SA1D can manage a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The 71SA1D also stands out from the crowd by including a built-in high-definition tuner. There are currently no 1080p broadcasts in Australia, but it does enable you to receive the current 720p and 1080i broadcasts.

The screen also packs an HDMI connector for a fully digital signal as well as an integrated card reader that supports nine different types of memory card.

If you?re looking for the biggest possible screen, with excellent resolution and image quality, and at a price that beats plasma, then LCoS is a top choice.

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