The Samsung Galaxy S9 gets serious with DeX

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You might not know this, but your Samsung Galaxy smartphone can double as a desktop computer. Introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the DeX docking station is a little device that you plug your phone into, which in turn connects to a full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Once connected, the Galaxy’s Android operating system converts into a desktop mode, which looks and functions like a standard desktop. Your Android apps can then be used on the big screen, such as full-screen document editor, spreadsheet or even for playing games.


The DeX dock sits flat so you can use your screen as a touchpad.


The old DeX positions the phone in a vertical position so you can’t use the screen.

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With the launch of the S9, the DeX gets an upgrade too. Now, instead of a cradle, the S9 lies flat with the screen facing outwards. This is because you can now use your screen as a mouse touchpad, rather than connecting to a separate mouse. Also, Galaxy S9 supports a broader selection of ‘wide’ monitor resolutions, to ensure the best viewing experience across the different screens that you might connect to.

Pricing and availability for the DeX are still to be announced.