A brand you’ve never heard of makes a 4K TV for under a thousand dollars

We’ve seen our share of TVs, but there’s one brand we’ve never had the opportunity to check out, and that’s Seiki, a manufacturer that sells its wares over in the US, but not here. That’s a shame, too, as it’s the first company that has pushed under the $1,000 mark for a UHD TV.

Ultra high definition TVs aren’t even commonplace yet, and already manufacturers are looking for ways to bring them to households everywhere. There isn’t enough content made for the 4K panels for this to become an issue, and yet here we are.

At the moment, these high definition TVs – which pack in more pixels than a regular Full HD display – can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000, depending on what exactly you want and which company is making it. The designs that go with these are often good, and the features include smart connectivity, 3D, and decent sound.

But what if you don’t need all of the fix-ins, and you only really want to have a screen that delivers the 4K resolution of 3840×2160?

This is a budget 4K TV. Believe it.

Over in the States, one manufacturer has already built a few, with the 50 inch SE50UY04 coming in for around $1500, and now a 39 inch 4K TV on the way for around $699 USD.

While we have no idea quite what the quality will be like, we suspect it won’t be as high as to what other 4K makers are putting out, especially since the panel operates at 30Hz when running 4K and 120Hz with Full HD 1080p.

Regardless, it’s an interesting announcement, as it shows that 4K will be coming to cheaper price points, and possibly earlier than many expected.