A modern gaming mouse is more important than ever

modern gaming mouse

The humble mouse has been a fixture in the PC gaming space for a very long time. Recent technology advances can give a modern gaming mouse the decisive edge.

GadgetGuy brings this overview from Editor of Europe’s ProGamerReview, Johannes Andersen. He writes:

The reason is simple. Technological advancements make it possible to create specifications and features that would seem like something straight out of Cyberpunk only a decade ago.

Modern gaming mouse – desirable features and specifications

In the past, the only difference between a standard-issue mouse and a gaming mouse was a fancy laser sensor. Really, it barely did a better job than the classic ball roll sensor system just adding a more precise DPI adjustment.

Well, it’s 2018 and boy have things changed. The Logitech G703 is a prime example of the latest new releases from one of the biggest gaming gear publishers.

This mouse is wireless. Yet it never needs charging. Just playing using the PowerPlay mouse pad charges it.

It uses the PMW3366 sensor – widely considered the best sensor on the market. This sensor not been used on wireless mice previously. It has on-the-fly DPI change at your fingertips that allow you to switch between 200-12.000 DPI and everything in between. Its Lightspeed sensor also allow for virtual latency free gameplay

The crazy thing is that a wired modern gaming  mouse has even crazier specifications

A great wired example is the SteelSeries Rival 600 that has the worlds first one-to-one sensor. It is specially designed for professional first-person shooter gamers.

Watch any of the Counter-Strike Majors or the Overwatch League and see how some of the players use full-arm movement when playing.

Precision is such a necessary skill to master. A lot of players begin with the DPI set all the way down (low speed) to increase the accuracy of their aim. This is where the Rival 600 comes in handy, with this new one-to-one sensor you suddenly have the perfect condition for ultimate efficiency.

You either have the advantage, or you are at a disadvantage

Even ten years ago I wouldn’t say it necessary to use a high-end gaming mouse to perform at the highest level. But I find it harder and harder to claim it’s all about your skill level.

Sure, some absurdly talented people can still pull some high-level plays off with a regular mouse. But I can’t help but feel that anyone not using a modern gaming mouse is at a considerable disadvantage.

Lift-off distance, DPI, Hz, Lightspeed, Powerplay. These are not just fancy words, but they actively affect your in-game performance. If you seek to climb the ladder in League of Legends or play competitively in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then there is no way around it, you need a top-notch gaming mouse.

modern gaming mouse

GadgetGuy’s take -who would have thunk?

Luckily, our partners over at ProGamerReview can help you find the ideal mouse for you and your gaming preferences. Whether you are an FPS gamer, enjoy MMO’s or perhaps have a weakness for MOBA’s. They have got you covered.

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