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When you’re a product reviewed, conferences are a little like Christmas. Some might even go so far as to say these conferences — the just-around-the-corner Mobile World Congress and the just-past CES — are the best kind of Christmas, with loads of new products shown for release this year, and then some.

Take CES, for example. The last time this writer went was back in 2013, and boy did he have his mind blown: halls upon halls upon halls of products and companies and gadgets and stuff. Just so much stuff.

And just when you think you’ve gone through it all, ticking the boxes off and saying “yup, I’ve just about covered it”, you realise there are actually three more halls for you to wander through and a grand total of two days to do it in.

Fortunately, Mobile World Congress is a little smaller.


Image credit: Mobile World Congress

The name kind of gives everything away for what this is, because while CES — formerly the “Consumer Electronics Show” is about every possible aspect of consumer electronics as well as automotive technologies — Mobile World Congress or “MWC” is about phones, tablets, wearables, and how these devices talk to the world wide web.

This conference an expo is about communication, and the gadgets we rely on to make this happen.

Within the next few days, you can expect new products being announced from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, Alcatel and quite a few others.

Essentially, if a company has released a phone or tablet in the past two years, they’ll probably be talking about something at MWC in the next two days.

So what can we expect?


Samsung is very likely going to have at least two products with the rumours aimed at a new generation of Samsung Galaxy S phone, likely called the Galaxy S7.

Two models are very likely, with a flat-edged Galaxy S7 and a curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge, and right now the suggestion is that both will be water-resistant, bringing back a feature that Samsung ditched in the last generation when it jumped from the S5 to the S6.

Also expected to make a return is the microSD card slot, something Samsung also got rid of likely due to size constraints in the previous models.

Some have suggested that upgradable storage disappeared to get people using the cloud more, and that makes sense, but with Samsung now pushing forward with the Gear VR, a microSD slot would be super helpful and highly beneficial given how much storage virtual reality apps, games, and movie experiences can take up.