A stage for your iPod – Mirage OmniVibe iPod Dock Sound System

If the evolution of personal listening devices (Walkman, Discman, iPod) has once more proven that ?One? is still the loneliest number ? the Mirage OmniVibe iPod Dock Sound System is the perfect solution. Now you can transform your personal listening space into a ?Centre of the Universe? party with the Mirage?s latest innovative release – the OmniVibe iPod Dock Sound System.

The OmniVibe utilises Mirage?s patented Ominipolar? technology which disperses the highest quality sound in a complete 360 degree pattern, creating an incredibly deep, tall and wide sound-stage which fills the entire listening area with crystal clear, digital, audiophile quality sound.

The OmniVibe, with its comprehensive connectivity options (can be used with any portable audio or video device), is the perfect dock for any model of iPod or any brand of MP3 player or computer ? the most innovative way to enjoy your iPod.

If the OmniVibe?s unique oval shape and beyond-modern obsidian gloss-black finish and features doesn?t say ?otherworldly? to you; the 20 watts RMS per channel and unbelievable multi-directional sound quality will ? it quite simply has to be experienced to be believed!

The OmniVibe lets you charge and access your iPod while providing audio output, a USB interface with your computer, and wireless remote control simultaneously and its 3.5 mm audio input can also be used with any portable audio device or as a PC speaker.

The OmniVibe has an RRP of $399, and  is covered by a twelve-month nationwide warranty.

Source: High Profile