More than just “another widescreen panel”, Toshiba has this week unveiled a new laptop sporting a world first 21:9 laptop screen, making it possible to show a widescreen film without the black bars we’re so used to seeing.

The widescreen display using this ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio has only had limited appearances, making its way out in one mobile phone from LG and a very select amount of TVs, including the Philips Cinema 21:9.

In fact, the 14.4 inch true widescreen on the Toshiba Satellite U840W Ultrabook goes beyond the duty of just managing to show movies without the black bars, as it can also potentially show more applications on screen at the same time, effectively offering the widest field of view for a machine with a 14 inch size.

“Designed for play as well as work, the Toshiba U840W Ultrabook introduces a new technology category that could change the way people use their notebook,” said Toshiba Australia’s Product Marketing Manager, Justin White. “Taking full advantage of the 14.4 inch widescreen, you can view multiple windows side by side such as social networking while watching a movie or checking emails at the same time as working on a presentation.”

We had a quick play with Toshiba’s new laptop and found it to be very impressive, especially for a first attempt at a new concept.

When you first see the screen, you’re literally unprepared for how wide it is, managing to pack in what looks like a massive amount of width into the 14.4 inch form factor. Stunningly, Toshiba has also managed to make the rest of the form appear thinner, as the laptop is stretched horizontally and lacks much of the depth that laptop bases typically feature.