A vac that`s hard floor friendly


Nilfisk has released a vacuum cleaner for people wanting to protect and clean their hard floors and tiled surfaces, called the Coupe Parquet ($179 RRP). Featuring rubber-cushioned wheels and a hard floor nozzle suited to polished floorboards or tiled floors, the Coupé Parquet prevents problems like scratching so that the lustrous quality appearance is maintained. Compact and easy to store, the Coupe Parquet weighs 5 kg and is ideal for apartment dwellers where storage space is limited. It features a 1,800 watt motor, HEPA H10 filtration and has a noise rating of 64 decibels.

Replacement dust bags

The Coupe Parquet comes with one dust bag (inside the machine) and one spare bag in the box. To find your local retailer that stocks replacement dust bags Nilfisk has a customer care contact number, 1300 733 171.

Other handy features include:

  • Sound reduction design to keep sound level below 64 dB(A)
  • Five metre cable and automatic cable rewinder
  • Combi and upholstery nozzles and round brush
  • Speed regulation to adjust power to specific cleaning tasks
  • Two way parking of nozzle and hose
  • Chrome telescopic tube
  • Dust bag full indicator

Source: Nilfisk