Acer announces S7 Ultrabook Touch: thin and finger friendly

If there’s one thing the Metro UI grid design has taught us about Microsoft’s next version of Windows, it’s that the company is betting big on touch. That’s why it makes so much sense that Ultrabooks are about to get a whole lot friendlier with your hands and fingers.

Announced at Computex in Taiwan, Acer will be making a thin and light machine sporting a 13.3 inch multitouch screen, as well as 11.6 inch version of the laptop.

While Acer is being tight lipped about the products innards at the moment, the company has said that the new S7 Ultrabook will ramp up the build quality – especially in comparison to the S3 Ultrabook – with an aluminium unibody design, glass cover, a backlit keyboard, and powerful components.

Surprisingly, Acer is talking up a battery life of up to 12 hours for the 13 inch model, while the 11 inch will grab up to 9 hours. We’re not sure we’ll see times like that with a touchscreen on-board, but look forward to seeing the computers as soon as Acer decided to bring them down to Australia.