Tablets are dropping in price across the board, and while we’ve yet to see Apple cross that sub-$300 price point, Android manufacturers aren’t waiting, with Acer joining in the fray with a similarly sized model for $100 less than Apple’s 7.9 inch iPad Mini.

Launching this week to stores across Australia is Acer’s A1, a tablet packing in an 7.9 inch screen (close to the 8 inch displays), 410 gram weight, and a battery which the company tells us will deliver a minimum of seven hours.

The screen isn’t as high res as what Google has thrown in on last year’s Nexus 7, with a 1024×768 display used here, the same resolution as what is currently used for Apple’s iPad Mini, and even with the same aspect ratio, 4:3.

Storage inside is set to 16GB, with a microSD slot on the side for easy expansion, while WiFi 802.11 b/g/n will keep people connected at home and to wireless hotspots. Charging also has our attention, as Acer has made the A1 take advantage of the common microUSB standard, with no chance of a proprietary port here.

“Tablets are becoming cherished companions to many people as they stay connected and entertained throughout their day,” said Acer’s Andy Chang, General Manager for Product Marketing.

“We want everyone to experience that so we created a tablet experience in a smaller, more portable design.”