Acer looks to compete with a $999 Full HD 3D projector

The TVs of 2013 might be touting OLED technology or some of those uber-high Ultra High Def resolutions, but this year seems to be all about value projectors, with Acer chiming in with two models that sit under a grand.

The first of these is the Acer P1340W, a widescreen 16:10 projector packing in a native HD-capable 1280×800 resolution, but supporting up to 1920×1200, with the lamp rated for 2700 ANSI lumens.

While it’s not a high-end projector, it still features one HDMI port, VGA ports, composite video, and is apparently 3D ready, though doesn’t include any glasses.

Acer's H6510BD will retail for $999.

Acer’s second projector (H6510BD) announced this week lacks the included 3D glasses too, but ups the specs to support Full HD 1080p natively, while offering two HDMI ports, VGA, composite, and a brighter lamp with 3000 ANSI lumens.

Support for 3D is also included here in this projector, sitting at a $999 recommended retail price, with 2D to 3D conversion happening on the fly, while gamers with Nvidia graphics cards in their PCs can take advantage of the 3DTV Play gaming compatibility.

Acer's 3D glasses aren't the most fashionable we've seen.

Glasses will cost $99 each, however, and are the active kind, so if you have a big family, it’s one of those things you’ll just have to factor in.

Both projectors should be available in stores across Australia now.

While there is a different price and spec list for each of the projectors, there's very little difference to the look of each. The above image is of the Acer P1340W, retailing for $649.