Computer form-factors are changing, and one company is doing a lot of dabbling in that department, as Acer offers up another taste for how the desktop can change, packing a battery into an all-in-one.

For many of us, the desktop is dead with the laptop taking its place, and in some of these situations, the laptop — that computer with the screen and keyboard built into the same shell and chassis — is just as desk-bound as the desktop it replaced.

We have at least one laptop that stays on a desk, and very rarely does it venture out beyond the wooden surface that is our office, and we’re sure you know someone in a similar situation.

Acer’s take on this is a little different, however, with the company reviving the all-in-one category for something a little different: a semi-portable all-in-one.


That’s what the company is going for in the Z3-700, a 17.3 inch tablet packing in either Intel Pentium or Celeron processors, up to 8GB RAM, and the choice of either a solid-state drive or one of the more conventional moving part hard disk drives.

The 17 inch screen makes this a positively huge tablet, which is part of the reason Acer is calling this an all-in-one, and Acer will even be providing a stylus to more accurate control what’s going on with that 17 inch display, showing up a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.