Both computers will be equipped with Windows 10 out of the box, as expected, while Dolby’s audio technology will also make an appearance for more distinctive audio. Another technology will also make an appearance on each, with Acer “Bluelight Shield” featured in the displays of both the R14 and Z3-700, catering for various modes that reduces blue light emissions from the screen to cut down on eye strain.

“Acer has a heritage of delivering the best user experience through innovation in technology and design,” said Jason Chen, CEO of Acer.

“With Windows 10, we can now deliver a unique and consistent experience across our comprehensive product portfolio, be it notebooks, desktops, tablets or smartphones, and empower users to do great things with more personal and human technology.”


Pricing and availability for both of these machines is a little bit of an unknown, at least for one of them, with the R14 heading to Australia in November from $1119, while the portable all-in-one doesn’t yet have local pricing or availability details.