Acer preps a pack of portables in 2014

If there’s one space computer maker Acer definitely wants to be a part of this year, it seems to be tablets, with a few being showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Shown first in Las Vegas, Acer will be bringing a few tablets to market later this year – one very soon, in fact – expanding on the offerings that came out last year and bringing both Android and Windows Mobile to backpacks easily.

First is a new Android model, the Iconia A1-830 (above). While the name reminds us slightly of an oversized aeroplane, the Iconia A1 is actually a small tablet relying on a 7.9 inch In-Plane Switching screen relying on the same resolution as the old iPad and iPad Mini, 1024×768.

While most Android tablets sport the 1280×800 resolution, with Acer going for this resolution, it means the tablet follows the 4:3 aspect ratio, providing more room for writing and working than other widescreen displays.

The tablet also features an Intel Atom processor and aluminium back, as well as a long battery life capable of making the An droid 4.2 “Jelly Bean” operating system last as long as nearly eight hours of life.

Pricing in Australia hasn’t been announced yet, but with an American price of $149, we’re hoping this falls under $200 if/when it arrives locally.

One that will definitely make landfall in Australia, though, is the new 8 inch Windows 8 tablet, the follow-up to last year’s Iconia W3, which is now aptly named the W4.

In this year’s model, there’s a fourth-generation Intel Atom processor offering better performance and battery life, Windows 8.1 installed off the bat, and a new 8 inch screen that uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) display technology, which should fix some of the complaints we had about viewing angles in last year’s model.

There will be keyboard cases and covers, but we’re told this one isn’t necessarily a CES exclusive, so could even find its way into stores this month.

One final tablet isn’t quite a tablet, but manages to act as both laptop, tablet, and desktop with an all-in-one.

Unlike the Windows-based Iconia, this is a Consumer Electronics Show thing, so don’t expect to find this in your local retailer tomorrow, with Acer’s DA223 (above) offering a 21.5 inch Full HD Android tablet that works as both desktop and tablet.

Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, the same chip used in the LG G Pad we checked out before the holidays, and the Acer can be used for Android apps when its either lying flat or used with the stand, or conversely, be plugged into other devices and used as an external monitor.

One of the neat things about that last feature, though, is that Windows 8 will see the Acer DA223 and not just use it as a monitor, but also a touchscreen too, making it more useful than just a tablet.

Pricing on this one hasn’t yet been confirmed, but with a US RRP of $699, we’d expect this within the next few months for under a grand, and hopefully not too much over the US price.