Acer preps all-in-ones and wearables for 2015

Looking to buy a computer these days? Acer might have your dream product, as the company previews its wares ahead of Computex this week, revealing desktops, laptops, and a wearable or two.

Laptops may be a big deal, but this year the focus might be slanted towards desktops too, as Acer reveals a renewed push for computers on the desk in 2015.

We’re hearing that a couple of these will be making their way to store shelves in the next few months, as Acer’s “Z” series hope to deliver enough computing power for Windows 8.1 in 19.5 inch and 23.8 inch sizes, which should be enough of a screen for families and students.

The computers feature Intel processors, Full HD screens, and even a possibility of touch, with Acer’s Z3-710 delivering almost 24 inches of Windows, while the ZC-700 (below) brings close to 20 inches to desks, with both screens able to tilt thanks to a mechanical elements in the stand, which itself appears to be fairly thin.


Also included in a new technology aimed at helping eyes, as Acer incorporates what it calls “BluelightShield”, an interesting name that feels like a page borrowed from Benq where blue light emission is reduced from a screen to make eyes happier and less strained.

The all-in-ones won’t be all Acer is releasing this year, with a new generation of the Switch laptop, a machine that fits into the definition of hybrid and allows the computer to be both laptop and tablet, reliant on a second generation of Acer’s latch-less snap hinge, which aims to make it easier to connect and disconnect the tablet section from the keyboard.

Acer's almost 24 inch Z3-710
Acer’s almost 24 inch Z3-710

We’re told that Google’s Chrome OS will even make an appearance, with an Acer Chromebox, the XCI2.

Different from Acer’s attempts at Chromebooks — the laptops featuring the Google Chrome browser-based operating system — this will be a small box aimed at the desktop with Intel processors, solid-state storage, 802.11ac WiFi, and Gigabit wired Ethernet for homes and offices that want a computer designed specifically for internet-related use.

Acer's Chromebox for 2015
Acer’s Chromebox for 2015

Most of these computers are expected in Australia this year, as Acer tends to release desktops and laptops here, as well as its Chrome-based offerings, but one set of Acer’s devices probably won’t see the light of day locally, and that’s wearables.

For that, Acer is showing off three this year, with the “Liquid Leap” series of wearable computers. Each are designed for different audiences, with the youth, the fitness friendly, and the style conscious being targeted.

If we do get them, you’ll find the Leap Active targets the younger generation, providing a little bit of fitness tracking with the smarts to connect to their phone while the Leap Fit builds on this by including a degree of water resistance and sensors for heart rate and stress, aiming to delivering a more complete look at the way someone views their health.


Finally, the Leap Curve (above) will deliver what the Fit does, but with a more premium metal body aimed at surviving daily life even more, with a 1.4 inch touchscreen to show more information.

As previously mentioned, it’s unsure whether this set of devices will land locally, but you’ll likely see Acer’s computers in the few months after Computex. In any case, we’ll keep you up to date when it happens.

Acer's Liquid Leap Active will be designed with kids and young wearers in mind.
Acer’s Liquid Leap Active will be designed with kids and young wearers in mind.