Acer makes a bunch of computers, and most of these tend to get Windows on them, but if you prefer your machines to be made for the web without the threat of most viruses, two models from Acer coming this year could suit.

Announced ahead of CES in Las Vegas, Acer is showing off a couple of computers made for the family unit that doesn’t necessarily need a full-featured machine, crafting both a 24 inch desktop and an 11 inch laptop made for people who don’t need to do much more than work and surf online.

First up there’s that 11 inch model, with Acer pushing on from the work it has done with Chromebooks in the past, many of which have passed by the GadgetGuy reviews desk time and time again.


From the looks of things, rather than reinvent the wheel on this one, Acer is tightening things up, moving on from the purely plastic design of the original models to be a little sleeker and more stable, with the Acer Chromebook 11 for 2016 featuring a nano-imprinted aluminium cover that can handle up to 60 kilograms of downward force.

Corner durability has apparently improved, too, capable of withstanding drops up to 60cm, while the case has been strengthened to handle more stress.

Weight, on the other hand, is being kept down, sitting at around 1.1 kilograms with a thickness of 18.6mm when closed, making it ideal for the student that doesn’t need something thoroughly complicated or heavy.