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Aside for an Intel Core processor, Acer’s 24 inch Chromebase will also arrive with a 23.8 inch display — as close to 24 inches as it gets — with the option for touch if you need it. At home, you can expect this one to be ideal for the family that uses the computer to get online, check email, use Facebook, Twitter, and saves and backup photos.


For those who don’t know, Chrome OS is basically Google’s Chrome web browser as an operating system, making it fairly secure, but also semi-limited in the apps you can load.

Essentially, any app that you “run” on a Chrome computer is essentially just a little webpage, so every website you visit can also be an app. That means if you need a Chromebase in a home where someone is used to using iTunes, you won’t get that app here.

You might get something close, and many of the apps that exist on Windows and Mac have an alternative on Chrome — such as Google Docs being used instead of Microsoft Office — but it won’t necessarily be the same.


Chrome OS on Acer’s C720P touchscreen Chromebook, from 2014. 

As for when either of these new machines will arrive, that’s something we can’t tell you just yet, but give it a few months and we’re sure Acer will have release dates for you. We’ll keep asking, that’s for sure.