Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum cleaner review
Image: Acer.

Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum cleaner review: light & handy

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Acer is a brand that you normally associate with PCs, but it recently launched a range of home appliances in Australia. Adding to its computer range, Acer now sells fans, air purifiers, an air fryer and a vacuum cleaner locally. I recently put the Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum cleaner through its paces while caravanning across the country.

Building on the convenience and comfort of cordless vacuum cleaners, the Acerpure vac gives you the freedom to quickly clean up small messes. It might not suit larger spaces but works well in short bursts.

Acerpure Clean Lite review

Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum features 

The Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum is small, contains a HEPA filter and accessories, and charges via a USB socket. 

The vacuum motor rotates at 85,000 RPM, producing a suction of 13,000pa. This translates to the ability of sucking up a grain of rice or a paper towel. Thus, dust, hair, and food crumbs are not a problem. 

acerpure lite box contents
Image: Angus Jones.

The included accessories are a stand, right-angle floor head and tube, and a 2-in-1 crevis and brush tool. The included USB-C charging cable must be plugged into the vacuum’s body, so it is not as easy as simply inserting the vacuum into the stand. You will require a USB-C charger. 

It takes 4 hours to charge from empty to full, after which you get 15 minutes of run time. My experience is that the run time is closer to 10 minutes, which is adequate. I consider this charge time to be excessive. It charges at 5W, while the USB-C standard is capable of 240 watts. A 20w charge like a smartphone uses would reduce the charge time to 1 hour and be a feature we would like to see in the future. 

A washable HEPA filter means cleaner, expelled air and really is a compulsory feature you should be looking for. 

What makes the Acerpure vacuum cleaner different? 

When we think of a cordless vacuum cleaner, we normally think of a Dyson or the classic dust buster. 

acerpure stand
Image: Angus Jones.

Cordless vacuum technology has certainly come a long way, with vacuum suction much stronger and the use of HEPA filters. HEPA filters are designed to capture really small stuff, like dust, pollen, mould spores, and even some bacteria and viruses. Think of them as a superfine sieve that only lets clean air through. 

While other brands attempt to convince you to replace your household vacuum with a cordless vacuum, the Acerpure Lite cordless vacuum is unsuitable for cleaning a large room. Where the Acerpure comes into its own is in its size. It is tiny and includes a brush head attachment and a floor nozzle, so it is ideal for cleaning up after the family for those quick cleans. A mobile phone charger can be used to charge it.

Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum cleaner specifications 

Suction power: 13,000pa 
Run time:  15 minutes 
Dimensions Main Part W: 63mm D: 63mm H: 395mm  
With Tube W: 63mm D: 63mm H: 1080mm 
Antenna Weight 0.55 kg
Price (RRP) $199  
Website Acer 
Warranty 12 months 

Using the Acerpure cordless vacuum 

I am currently travelling across Australia in a caravan, and I use the Acerpure vacuum every day. I don’t have room for a larger cordless vacuum, and I don’t want another charging pack, especially one that needs 240-volt power. 

Although I did not bring the display stand, I have the extension floor tool and the crevis/brush attachment with me. I charge the unit from a USB outlet and keep on top of the everyday dust and fluff. 

acerpure v shaped head
Image: Angus Jones.

The pole and floor tool makes quick work of small floor areas, but although the V-shape of the head is great for corners, it is counterintuitive as the wheels are north-south, so you must approach a flat surface at a 45-degree angle, which means the wheels are the wrong direction to vacuum along that edge. With an effective vacuum width of 15cm, the head does not lend itself to covering large areas unless you are happy to do many passes. The tube has no height adjustment, but I found it was fine for my average height. 

The power button is conveniently placed to turn off and on, but I find myself continuously pressing it by mistake as I clean.

acerpure filter
Image: Angus Jones.

The dirt and dust capture is excellent with the dust bin easily cleaned. I tend to empty the bin after each use, including giving the HEPA filter a bang on the side of the bin. It amazes me each time to see how much dust this filter is capturing.

If you clean the vacuum properly, you cannot avoid getting dirt on your hands. Simply emptying the bin and not the filter can be done without getting your hands dirty. The capacity of the dust bin is small but there is only so much you could capture during the run time anyway. 

Who is Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum for? 

If you have a small space to clean or simply need a lightweight cordless vacuum to help keep a space clean between normal cleaning, then the Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum is a great product at a reasonable price. 

You will struggle to use it to clean an apartment in less than 15 minutes, but it is small enough and light enough to be quickly deployed and returned to charge. There is room for improvement in this vacuum, but it is simple, small, and effective. 

It does a great job in the caravan, and I am so glad we brought it with us.

Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum cleaner
The Acerpure Clean Lite cordless vacuum's small size is convenient for quick tidying, less so for larger spaces.
Value for money
Ease of use
Small and light weight
USB-C charging
Washable HEPA filter
Power button easily accidently turned off
Very narrow floor head