Acer’s S7 gets an update with more speed and battery life

The power of Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors is beginning to be seen, thanks to recent notebook releases, such as the new Apple MacBook Air and Sony’s VAIO Pro, but Acer is getting in with an update to its touch-enabled Ultrabook range.

Acer’s Aspire S7 is being brought into line with the new chips, as Acer updates last year’s S7 to support new speeds and improved battery life, something we acknowledged in last year’s model that needed an improvement.

“Building on the response and feedback we received from customers for the first Aspire S7, we have been able to create the best touch Ultrabook in the world,” said Gaba Cheng, Head of Consumer Client Products for Acer Australia.

“For the new S7, we have implemented new Acer technologies and thanks to the Intel 4th generation processors, we have been able to boost performance and battery life as well.”

Those performances come from the new processor, as well as a RAID 0 solid state drive, and a new cooling technology to keep the system quiet and cool across the board.

Some things stay the same, though, with the 13.3 inch Full HD touchscreen display still offered, in a chassis made from both aluminium and Gorilla Glass.

One thing we are looking forward to – and you should to – is the display update coming later down the track, with 2560×1440 being offered in the 13 inch Ultrabook, which is enough to make us say “wait until later in the year if you’re serious about an upgraded Acer S7.”

If you need it now, though, the S7 can be found in stores and online from $1899.