Acne: Yup, there’s an App for that

Throughout the years, consumers have seen more products for acne than nearly any other medical condition, barring weight loss. There are creams and gels and liquids and laser therapy and a bunch of other things that probably do more harm than good.

Now, you can add the iPhone to that list.

A new entry to the AppStore, AcneApp claims to kill bacteria and promote skin healing by emitting red and blue light. According to the iTunes link for the page, use of the blue light “fights bacteria” while the red light “helps heal skin.”  To use, simply hold the phone up against your skin.

Available for $2.49 from the local AppStore, the application has received serious attention from the New York Times, Fox News, and other media outlets today, including interviews with its developers who warn” “if you are currently taking medications that make your skin sensitive to light or if you have any medical condition that makes your skin sensitive to light”.

AcneApp screens
The red screen helps you heal skin while the blue screen aims to kill bacteria.

We’ve been testing AcneApp at GadgetGuy HQ and can’t see that it does much, apart from greasing up your iPhone and making you look like a dork. In other words, you should show it to all your friends and encourage them apply its healing powers to their faces, butts, shoulders – anywhere zits might be a problem.

Just make sure they don’t ever checkout the AcneApp iTunes link, ’cos you wouldn’t want them to see this: “This app is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for treatment of any disease or medical condition”.