Active 3D glasses to become standardised, no more buying for just one brand?

Can’t decide what 3D TV you should buy because they all use different 3D glasses? Good news is on the way.

America’s Consumer Electronics Association is working on a plan to get the manufacturers in line with a standard for active 3D glasses. While being something run in America, this has ramifications around the world as it would force makers of 3D TVs to use glasses that will work on other TVs.

The issue with proprietary glasses is a strong one. Currently, if you buy a 3D TV, you’re forced to buy active 3D glasses from the manufacturer of your TV. If your friend has a different brand 3D TV in their home, they can’t just bring their glasses to your place and expect them to work.

While the standardisation will take time, the good news is that some companies are beginning to releases active shutter glasses that should work on any 3D TV. At least one company so far has jumped onto to the universal 3D glasses bandwagon, with XpanD releasing what it calls “Universal 3D glasses”.