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We can’t all be designers, but chances are that we all need a designer for something, even if it’s just for getting our name out there. But because designers can be expensive, Adobe has been working on a solution.

Over the past decade or so, we’ve heard numerous people suggest that “design” was the place to be if you wanted to make a living, and certainly with our reliance on all things digital, that’s no surprise.

If you’re good at making digital imagery, you can find yourself making bundles as you work for clients big and small in this day and age.

But very small companies and the Mum and Dad businesses may find themselves paying a little too much when they want their message out there in the hands of a designer, and what if a student wants the same? Heaven forbid the prices they might be charged.

So to give a bit of power back, Adobe has recently unveiled something for the every-person out there, providing anyone who needs it with a starting point for posters, web articles, small videos, and images, such as the kind you might use for Facebook or Instagram.


“Standing out on social media [or] creating engaging visual content is hard,” said Adobe’s Aubrey Cattell. “The fact is there’s a huge market [and] productivity tools like Office are underserving the market for creating the idea with impact.”

The solution to this could be “Spark”, an intriguing concept that offers pretty much anyone the tools they need in a web and app platform to create the visual impact their messages and products may need.

Think of the name “Spark” as in “a spark of energy” or “sparking your imagination”, and that word is intentional for those reasons, giving people a platform to spark their creativity and lift it to a higher level, one where they may not have to hand over oodles of money to a professional designer.

Technically, Spark originates from older apps Adobe has worked on, with the revitalisation of these apps pushing them in a new direction, and allowing people without an Adobe account — with either Facebook or Google — to just login and start making stuff.


And when we say “stuff”, we mean complicated but very magazine-y web pages, short punchy videos, and images meant for advertising, all of which could be beneficial if you need that sort of thing in your life and have a small budget.

“[Adobe] is where professionals create the best content in the world,” said Brian Nemhauser, Product Director at Adobe. Nemhauser told GadgetGuy that not everyone is a pro, and “they don’t have time or money to be pros”.

“That’s what we’re trying to do and accurate with Spark,” he said.