Adonit lets you take a digital note with a stylus that feels like a pen

One of the downsides of these big awesome iPad screens is that they generally don’t like thin tips, not like the sort that pens generally have, forcing a broader stroke that doesn’t feel like a real writing instrument, but Adonit has a fix for this.

Heading to stores within the next couple of weeks, the i-Accessory company Adonit is introducing a stylus that makes using one closer to the experience of writing with a pen, with a metal casing and a fine point.

Called the “Jot Script Evernote Edition,” it’s a stylus that Adonit hopes will get people writing again, and not just typing, with the thinly-tipped stylus being used with the big screen portable computers many of us rely on.

Of course, an iPad would normally have a problem with picking up on the smaller point of the pen, but rather than rely on the method of a traditional stylus emulating a finger, the angle and location of the tip will instead be sent to software on the iPad to connect it together, letting the app recreate a writing experience closer to what you might get with real paper.

The pen requires a single AAA battery to accomplish this, connecting to the iDevice over Bluetooth 4.0 to a piece of software called “Penultimate,” which can sync any notes you take to the Evernote service, with linking later on going to other Evernote connected devices, like your Windows PC, Mac, and even the smartphone you wish worked as a note taker.

“We’ve stripped everything away so you can just focus on capturing your ideas,” said Adonit’s Kris Perpick.

“We partnered with Penultimate to focus on a deep integration of Jot Script into a great note taking experience. Our collaboration allowed us to step back and rethink the ideal digital note taking experience. It’s going to bring back the lost art of handwriting.”

Adonit’s Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus should be heading to stores now, and will be available at places where a lot of appcessories are sold, as well as selected electronics retailers for a recommended retail price of $119.99.