Affordable alternative to DVD recording

Coming a bit late to the party but at least making a splash, Grundig and Bush are launching a bunch of PVRs, or personal video recorders, onto the suspecting Australian market.

Their tardiness is compensated by the attractive price points of the range, starting at a very low $269 for the IDPVR1602B, rising to $369 for the GPVR1250 and ending with a bang at $899 for the GPVR3250HD model.

While all, of course, offer the PVR ability to pause, rewind and play back ‘live’ TV, the differences are in the feature sets. The silver, slimline Bush base model offers a 160GB hard drive and twin TV tuners, the middle machine from Grundig ups the hard drive ante to 250GB and the two-tone ‘HD’ model boasts the essential HDMI connectivity, twin HD tuners and the same, big, 250GB of memory.