Aiptek to bring 3D video camera for small change

There aren’t many video cameras with support for 3D out there, but we think it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting with a new budget 3D camcorder.

Much like the Flip Mino HD, the Aiptek 3D is small, pocketable, and records in 720p.

Unlike the Flip however, it has two lenses and records in 3D.

The new pocket camcorder uses two lenses and two 5 megapixel sensors to record video in high definition 3D for playback on a 3D TV or even just using the red-and-cyan glasses that we’ve all become so familiar with. They even come with a pair.

YouTube has supported 3D functionality for almost a year now with an option that can show movies designed for the third dimension with both channels or just as the one (as per usual).

There’s also a small 2.4-inch stereoscopic panel on the back of the Aiptek 3D that allows you to watch your 3D video without the aid of glasses.

No word on Australian price or release date, but with a price of around $200 in the USA, we’ll be keeping an eye on this and chasing up Aiptek’s local distributor.