Airconditioners transformed into works of art


LG has transformed the humble home airconditioner into an object of art with the release of photochangeable airconditioners that allow users to display personal photos or artwork under the transparent front panel of the unit.

Any type of printed image can be placed under the transparent front panel of LGGs photochangeable airconditioners while cool or warm air flows from the back of the frame. Images can be changed at any time by opening the panel.

LG says the photochangeable concept is an extension of its ArtCool Inverter airconditioning range. The ArtCool Inverter range comes in mirror, metal, blue, cherry, wood and white wood colours. Previous models have also included renditions of classic art pieces by Van Gogh and Matisse.

New models are equipped with the 3D Air-Flow System, for more even air distribution, and LGGs Neo Plasma Plus Air Purifying Systemm that enhances the sterilization feature of airconditioners for a healthier living environment. The Photochangable ArtCool Inverter Square is available for $1,699 RRP.

Source: LG Electronics