Aldi, Kogan make the move to high-speed with 4G

With 4G now across all of the major telcos, you might be wondering when the smallest mobile providers make the move?

Good news then, because two of the smaller mobile providers have signalled that it won’t be long until their networks push on past the basic 3G speeds and saddle up with something faster and more internet friendly.

Specifically, both Aldi and Kogan have sent word that they each will be making the move, some easier than others.

Aldi, for instance, has switched over to 4G thanks to its Telstra network sharing gaining access to 4G, with the cut-price small scale mobile network switching on the technology to its customers provided they have a 4G phone in their possession.

If they do, 4G is now online, with what we hear could be Category 3 4G speeds as high as 100Mbps available on the network.

“We’re excited to be building on our existing mobile credentials,” said an Aldi spokesperson.

“Along with the introduction of 4G, we will also be improving the inclusions in some of our plans,” they said. “This enhanced service offering will be another drawcard for people who are considering switching mobile providers, or for those keen to discover the benefits Aldi Mobile can bring to their wallets and their lifestyles.”


Meanwhile, Kogan has also announced that it will be switching over by June, telling GadgetGuy that the move won’t involve an increase in prices and will just switch on as it is.

“No matter how you use your phone, Kogan Mobile has a deal for everyone — and now our low prices come with access to blistering fast 4G data speeds,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan.

“Vodafone has invested billions into their network in recent years, and being able to bring its fast 4G speeds to Kogan Mobile customers will make our prepaid options even more attractive. 4G coverage is available in all major metro locations and selected regional areas across Australia.”

Kogan hasn’t quite said where the mobile speeds will get capped at with this one, though again, expect the speeds to be several times faster than what you’ve previously found on the 3G-specific Kogan network.

Both networks, however, require a 4G phone in order to get the 4G speeds, so if you’re using something specifically 3G that might be a touch old, you may want to consider a new phone.