Aldi Mobile Value Packs – different, good

Aldi Mobile Value Packs
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Aldi Mobile has become a disrupter in the pre-paid mobile space. The Aldi Mobile Value Packs continuously offers some of the best deals on Telstra’s 3/4G mobile network.

The only caveat is that Telstra limits Aldi Mobile subscribers to 100/1Mbps download/upload on its 4G services.

Aldi Mobile Value Packs (website here) now offer up to 30GB data rollover with ‘no expiry date’. Included data on the XXL is now 20GB and 30GB on the Jumbo at no extra cost.

Aldi Mobile Value Packs

New 365-day data only pack – 240GB (but only available until 5 September)

Tablet users can now get 24GB for $95 (with up to 30GB data rollover).

But a new 240GB for $395 (no rollover) is available until 5 September

ALDImobile has bumped up the data for its 30-day $30 and $95 data packs

Aldi Mobile Vale Packs

GadgetGuy’s take. Great job Aldi Mobile Value Packs. Different, good.

First, let’s analyse the 240GB/365-day offer. That is $1.65 per Gigabyte (GB).

But I like the 24GB/365 day over at $3.95 per GB, and I can roll over up to 30GB of unused data. Not bad at all.

Telstra’s plan is $150 for 30GB/365-day data or $5 per GB. Same network. Sure it can go up to eight times as fast but generally, it won’t unless you are standing in front of Telstra HQ.