Aldi’s 4K 65” Android TV for $699 – tell ’em they’re dreaming – Saturday 18 July only

Aldi’s 4K, 65” Android TV
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No, it is true – Aldi’s 4K 65” Android TV is on sale for $699. It is a ripper but be quick because it is a special buy on Saturday 18 July so bring the station wagon, ute or van.

In real life, Aldi’s 4K 65” Android TV is a Bauhn ATV65UHDG-0620 and we have been able to have a quick look to see if it is a bargain – or not. We will publish a full review, coming soon.

You’ll notice that brand names like Hisense, Samsung, LG and Sony have entry-level models starting from around $1,295 that, in essence, have similar specs. What’s great here is that you can get the same features for around half the price.

Lets put Aldi’s 4K 65” Android TV under the microscope

Aldi owns the Bauhn brand, which is made by a quality assured manufacturer that also makes Polaroid, Linsar and Hitachi-branded products, so you can count on decent build quality.

Aldi’s 4K, 65” Android TV

As usual, we use FAIL, PASS and EXCEED against the review paradigms below for a $699 TV

Panel – PASS

  • 4K 3840 x 2160, 16:9
  • 60Hz refresh – standard
  • Edge-lit but supports HDR 250nits which is bright enough for the average Aussie loungeroom
  • Contrast 3000:1
  • Viewing angle 178°/178° (H/V)

Ports – PASS++

  • HDMI ARC. There is no version listed, but we suspect it is HDMI 2.0. But as it is not a Dolby Vision or Atmos TV, this is of little consequence unless you are using a Dolby Atmos capable soundbar.
  • HDMI 1, 2 and 3 – see above
  • Digital Optical
  • Wi-Fi and LAN – no version given
  • Composite Audio/Video RCA (Yellow for video and Red/White for Left/Right stereo)
  • Component In (3.5mm jack that splits to Red/Blue/Green RCA)
  • MicroSD for playback only
  • USB 2.0 5V/.5A for PVR (record and playback) and software updates
  • Antenna
  • 3.5 headphones

Remote – PASS

  • Standard Bluetooth and IR remote good to about 5 metres
  • Netflix and YouTube dedicated buttons
  • Google Assistant/mic button
  • Control for play, rewind etc
  • Chromecast enabled

Picture – PASS+

  • Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, Game
  • Options to adjust backlight, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, gamma, colour temperature, HDR
  • Game mode to reduce gaming lag
  • Accessibility includes audio, captions and high contrast text

Sound – PASS

  • User, standard, vivid, sports, movie, music and news
  • Surround sound and EQ
  • No wattage or speaker types given but we suspect it is a 2.0 PCM system.

Android TV – EXCEED

  • Requires a Google Gmail account
  • Hundreds of Android TV apps for other streaming and catch up TV
  • System update over the air

Size (with stand)

  • 1498 x 227 x 895 mm x 22.42kg

Warranty – PASS+

  • 12-months ACL return to Aldi so keep the box
  • 60-day satisfaction policy
  • Hotline for support 1300 886 649 (Tempo)

GadgetGuy’s take:

Aldi’s 4K 65” Android TV for $699 – it’s great value

OK, its not a big brand name but then Aldi shoppers don’t necessarily need this. They look for value and quality and laugh all the way to the bank.

This is a great Android TV for $699 – no qualifications at all. Yes, you get a little more with a brand name like twice the warranty but at twice the price.

As this is a first look, we’ll run a full review at a later date, but we are impressed with what the TV delivers at this price point.

PS: Grab the 2.1 soundbar on special at $129 – it includes a 20W soundbar and 60W sub-woofer and will make your 4K viewing experience even better. Or the wall mount at $69.99.

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