Airtasker has announced Australians can now post tasks. Airtasker community members just need to link their account to the Alexa skill via the Alexa Skill Store and then say “Alexa, Open Airtasker”. From there, users can simply ask Alexa to post a cleaning or gardening task by saying something like “Alexa, ask Airtasker to find me a cleaner”.

Amaysim will use Alexa to help enrich customer experience and simplify account management. Customers will be able to use Alexa to ‘find their mobile phones’ by triggering a call. They can do a mobile balance check and data top-up.

Dominos registered customers can order their favourite pizza. Customers can check the status of their orders as well.

National Australia Bank (NAB) customers can now perform tasks such as requesting their account balance or getting details on their latest deposits, simply by asking their Amazon Alexa-enabled device. “Alexa, ask NAB how much do I owe on my credit card?”

Westpac Live customers will be able to access their most popular banking requirements – account balance, recent spending history, and reward points status – simply by using their voice. “Alexa, ask Westpac how much money …

GadgetGuy’s Take

Its great to see Amazon bring Alexa cloud to Australia. While we speak the Queen’s English, we have evolved a dialect and slang that it needs to learn. It learns by example – if you ask where the nearest watering hole is it will soon learn that that is slang for hotel.

At the recent CES, voice control was everywhere. Alexa is by Amazon, but it faces still competition from Google Home and to a lesser degree Cortana in Windows 10, Apple Siri in iOS, and Bixby in Samsung Smart Products.

All rely on the internet to connect to their voice cloud, and it’s the quality of the cloud and how much learned intelligence it has that makes the difference.

Amazon was first to market but tends to rely on approved third party links to provide service. Google has the power of its search engine behind it and can handle more obscure requests, but it is advertising driven. It will be an interesting struggle for dominance. Frankly, I see a merging in the future.

Business Insider has one of the best overviews on Google and Alexa here.