Alexa comes to Blaupunkt, EKO and Seiki WebOS powered TVs


The Alexa integration in select Blaupunkt, EKO and Seiki WebOS powered TVs delivers smart speaker features and seamless voice control via the webOS remote – no need for a smart speaker. Or, if you have an Alexa smart home, the TV seamlessly integrates into that.

LG has licenced its WebOS TV operating system to Australian company Ayonz that has introduced the operating systems to select Blaupunkt, EKO, and Seiki brand TVs. Its first WebOS EKO TVs sold out in two days!

The new Alexa firmware

The new Alexa firmware is coming first to Australia via an over-the-air update.

You access Alexa via a long press of the Amazon Prime Video button on the webOS Remote (an option at extra cost). Users can ask questions, control their smart home devices, or choose from thousands of skills that operate from the Alexa cloud.

Voice command functionality allows you to adjust TV volume, change the channel, launch apps and more. For example, if you want to open YouTube, just say “Alexa, launch YouTube”.

Routines can sequentially perform actions. For example, you can (in theory if you have a smart home) create a morning routine where the command to the TV switches on the home’s smart lighting, opens the smart blinds, displays local traffic and weather conditions and a list of ‘to do’ items for the day on the TV

As Alexa is seamlessly integrated with the webOS platform, users can expect new voice commands and capabilities as it evolves.

With Amazon Alexa now part of the webOS features included in our select Blaupunkt, EKO and Seiki TVs, our customers can enjoy an even better experience.

Ziad Yaacoub, CEO, Ayonz

You can learn more about how EKO uses WebOS here.