Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse review
Image: Chris Button.

Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse review: smooth operator

Made for high-level players who want ultimate precision and responsiveness during tense moments, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse lives up to its premium reputation.

Let’s quickly get one thing out of the way: I’m not a professional-level gamer or esports aficionado. Not by a long shot. I gravitate towards single-player action adventures with the occasional sports game for good measure. Regardless, Alienware’s pro wireless mouse is a nice piece of kit, even if many of its features are lost on me.

It looks and feels nice as an everyday mouse, but at nearly $250, it’s only for those who absolutely need the competitive edge. For competitive esports players, it’s a sleek and super-responsive gaming mouse with plenty of flexibility.

Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse review

First impressions

I tend to prefer larger mice so my medium-sized hands don’t develop an uncomfortable claw grip over time. Despite this, the sub-60g Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse felt nice in the hand, even for daily use. Its symmetrical shape fits comfortably, even lending itself to left-handers (although the extra buttons might be tricky to reach).

Its chassis, made largely from recycled materials, reminded me of PC mice from the late 90s. I can’t quite put my finger on it (ironically), but the lovely smooth, yet non-slippery, texture invoked a sense of nostalgia for a time of sturdy-feeling PC peripherals.

Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse box contents
Image: Chris Button.

The design is pleasingly simple, too. Other than the standard left and right mouse clicks, plus the scroll wheel, the only other inputs are two programmable buttons on the left side. MMO or RTS players may be left wanting by the lack of additional macro buttons, but it’s perfect for competitive shooters and genres that favour reaction time over actions per minute.

It also makes the device a pleasant non-gaming mouse. Unencumbered by superfluous buttons and flourishes, it doesn’t look out of place in an office environment. Flashy RGB lights are also absent, with a subtle Alienware logo the only tell of its gaming purpose.

My only early complaint stemmed from a slightly noisy scroll wheel. Take this with a grain of salt, given my sensitivity to sensory quirks, but scrolling the wheel upwards made a noticeably louder and slightly rattly sound than when scrolling down. Considering this is primarily a gaming mouse, it’ll only register when not wearing headphones and listening to loud gaming audio.


Dimensions6.35cm x 12.45cm x 4.06cm
Under 60g
Connectivity2.4GHz wireless USB-C dongle
Wired USB-C to USB-A cable
SensitivityUp to 8KHz wired polling rate
Up to 4KHz wired polling rate
Up to 26,000 DPI
650 IPS maximum sensor speed
BatteryUp to 120 hours at 1KHz polling rate
Up to 32 hours at 4KHz polling rate
Price (RRP)$248.60
WarrantyTwo years
Official websiteDell Australia


Despite its outwardly simple design, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse has some brilliantly subtle nuances. For one, its sensitivity adjustment button is located on the underside. I’ve used gaming mice with side-located sensitivity adjustment buttons that were annoyingly easy to bump mid-game and throw everything off.

On the Alienware mouse, it’s a little tricky to press due to the button’s small size and flatness, which is exactly the point. Aside from the incremental software customisation via the Alienware Command Centre, you’ll only change the sensitivity on the device when you actually want to.

Another great design feature is the recess that houses the mouse’s wireless 2.4GHz USB-C dongle. Also located underneath, it’s perfectly shaped for snugly storing the dongle when not in use. Although the world would be a better place without tiny easy-to-lose dongles, this is the best solution I’ve seen.

Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse underside
Image: Chris Button.

Which brings me to a slightly less-than-ideal point: the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth. I understand why – Bluetooth isn’t as responsive as proprietary wireless technology – but it’s an annoying omission when spending close to $250 on a mouse. With that level of investment, I’d like to be able to use a mouse with as many devices as possible.

At least it’s fully usable when plugged in via its USB-C to USB-A cable. The charging port sits at the mouse’s front, so there are no interruptions when it’s time to charge – unlike some mice (looking at you, Apple).

When plugged in, the mouse supports an ultra-high 8KHz polling rate, which refers to the frequency at which the mouse communicates with a computer. The higher the number, the more responsive the input is. Wirelessly, you can go up to 4KHz, which is still high, or dial it down to preserve battery life.


I’m not a huge PC gamer, with my allegiances lying with any platform I can easily play on the couch. Even so, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse felt more comfortable than any mouse I’d used before.

Noisy scroll wheel notwithstanding, the mouse clicks felt tactile and extremely responsive. Each click generated an audible but satisfying sound equally at home in the workplace as the esports stage.

Also helpful is the smooth feet underneath the mouse. This thing glides across your desk, mouse mat or not. It helps pick up movements both great and small, no matter your task. Delicately scrubbing through a video editing timeline? No problem. Lining up a clutch headshot in Valorant? Too easy (for those with actual skill).

I briefly mentioned the battery life earlier – ultimately, it barely registered as part of my experience. Rated at 32 hours on the 4KHz polling rate or 120 hours at 1KHz, I was never left needing charge throughout my varied use. It’s also not a big factor considering the lack of Bluetooth support.

Because the mouse solely relies on its dongle for wireless connectivity, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be in a position where you’re unable to plug in and charge via a wired connection.

Who is the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse for?

At this price and without Bluetooth, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is a niche device for the most hardcore of competitive gamers. Bluetooth support is rare among wireless gaming mice due to latency reasons, but it’s worth mentioning if you want a versatile mouse for work and play.

Otherwise, it’s a nicely designed mouse that’s highly responsive and comfortable to use. It’s easy to set up and customise, delivering a smooth out-of-the-box gaming experience.

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Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
A premium peripheral that's both comfortable and smooth to use, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse caters to competitive FPS and MOBA players.
Value for money
Ease of use
Excellent design
Smooth performance
Decent battery life
No Bluetooth
Slightly noisy scroll wheel