Amaysim NBN internet on the way with bundle discounts

Amaysim NBN home internet announcement
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Adding to its mobile offering, mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Amaysim will start selling NBN home internet again, promising high speeds and bundle discounts.

As reported on WhistleOut Australia, Amaysim is adding to its prepaid SIM plan portfolio, with plans to sell home internet again. Amaysim previously sold NBN plans between 2017 and 2018 before exiting the market due to competitive factors.

Optus then acquired the telco, which Amaysim Vice President Vir Nath pointed to as a reason for re-entering the NBN market.

“Being a part of the Optus family has strengthened our capabilities and resources, enabling us to re-enter the market with a robust and competitive offering,” Nath said in a comment to WhistleOut Australia. “Optus’ extensive infrastructure and support have provided us with the necessary leverage to ensure sustainability and high-quality home internet for our customers.”

Earlier this year, Boost Mobile also announced its NBN business, Boost Broadband. Although neither service is out yet, both Boost and Amaysim offer a similar product on paper. If you’re a mobile customer, you’ll get a discount by connecting your home internet plan via the same telco.

When will Amaysim NBN plans be available?

Exact details are to be confirmed, including price and availability. There’s a website live now where you can sign up to receive more details closer to launch.

Simplicity appears to be a point of focus for Amaysim. On its home internet landing page, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, and promises of “super fast” fibre to the premises (FTTP) internet for eligible customers.

Until Amaysim’s home internet plans go public, here’s what the current market looks like for NBN 50 plans, the most popular tier in Australia.

You can also compare the cheapest NBN plans overall to get the best deal on home internet.

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