Amaysim offers unlimited text, talk for budget mobile users

If you’re less a data hog and more someone that prefers the old school method of talking or even texting, a new plan from Amaysim may end up saving you some coin thanks to some research by the company.

According to new research commissioned by Aussie telco Amaysim, only 39 percent of mobile customers in this country believe they have a plan that actually matches what they need, with the remaining 61 percent not necessarily happy with what they’ve gone with, and half of all surveyed expecting better deals in other places though not taking the time to change to mobile providers.

That choice could be a costly one, and with the findings revealing 58 percent of those surveyed (aged 18-64) appear to be looking for a simple pricing structure, Amaysim has taken a look at its previously updated “unlimited” plans and thrown in a new price point.


Technically, it’s $24.90, but we’ll round it up simply because most people will.

Regardless, that $25 will deliver unlimited standard national text and talk just like the other plans Amaysim refreshed last month, while throwing in 1GB of data monthly.

“This is all about giving people more choice and budget control when it comes to finding a BYO mobile plan to suit their needs,” said Julian Ogrin, CEO of Amaysim.

“We felt the next step in this mission was to give people on a tight budget that still need to use their phone regularly a real choice, so we don’t end up with mobile data haves and have-nots.”

With this addition, every Amaysim post-paid plan is technically the same except for the data being offered, with unlimited text and talk for either $25, $30, $45, and $55 per month, and the only change being data allowances on a monthly basis, measured at 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, and 7GB respectively.

” To help level the playing field for customers, we’ve moved to a simpler suite of mobile plans with talk and text set to unlimited, so the only decision Aussie smartphone users have to make is how much data they need,” said Ogrin.

Regardless of which plan is selected, the service still relies on the Optus 4G Plus network, offering 4G access if you can get it in your area, and switching back to 3G when that’s not an option. All capital cities (and major cities) should support 4G now, however, with 4G dropping off when you start making your way out of major cities and back to rural Australia, as is usually the case.

You’ll find this $25— sorry, $24.90 plan added to Amaysim’s slate now, which should be compatible with pretty much any 4G phone you buy. All that’s left is for you to grab an outright phone.