Amaysim ups the data on all mobile plans

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Thanks to how fast our phones now are, we’re consuming mobile data faster than ever, and Amaysim has picked up on this, opting to increase the allowance to pretty much every plan it has.

There’s good news for mobile users who know they consume a lot of data on a regular basis and are on Amaysim’s 4G network, or are even considering making the move, as the telco announces bumps in its plans to accomodate customers who love mobile broadband a little more than they’re prepared to admit.

This week, five of Amaysim’s plans are getting updated, with the “Unlimited” monthly plans scoring more downloads and unlimited standard international calls to Amaysim’s ten most called countries on top of unlimited standard national phone calls and text.

“The telco market is flooded with promotions and one-off offers which are anything but simple,” said Andrew Balint, Chief Commercial Officer at Amaysim.

“At Amaysim, what you see is what you get and what we’re offering is really compelling. It is the next step on our mission to make mobile plans amazingly simple.”

The changes look to be quite good, though there is a catch worth noting, which we’ll get to shortly.

Not set to go into effect until March 31, customers on the previous 1GB plan for $24.95 monthly will now see 1.5GB monthly, while the previous 2GB for $29.90 plan is bumped a full gigabyte to 3GB monthly.

The previous 5GB and 5GB Plus plans for $34.90 and $44.90 respectively are updated to 7GB across both, with the “Plus” option grabbing an extra 300 minutes of international calls to 32 countries beyond the 10 countries being used for unlimited international calls.

Finally, there’s the previous $49.90 plan which offers 8GB monthly, and that’s jumping up to 9GB monthly, also.

One thing of note is what constitutes a month, because that has changed, as Amaysim pulls back from 30 day plans and moves to 28 day plans, which makes the service more like what other telcos are offering.

“We’re pleased to not only be able to help remove the worries that come with choosing a mobile plan but to also give Aussies who are already with amaysim more of what they want for the same renewal price,” said Balint.

“It’s also worth noting that unlike our competitors the revised plans will be available to all of our existing customers, not just the new ones.”

That last part is good news for anyone thinking that by being on the Amaysim network already, they’re missing out, as that is apparently not the case.