3rd Gen Amazon Echo Show 5 gets beefier speaker, Matter support

Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Gen launch
Image: Amazon.
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A third-generation Amazon Echo Show 5 is nearly here in Australia, including a more powerful speaker and Matter compatibility for cross-brand connectivity.

Doubling as a smart display and speaker, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is the most compact of the Show range, coming with a 5.5-inch screen. Built for the Alexa smart assistant ecosystem, it also includes a microphone and camera for voice controls and making calls.

Amazon claims its latest iteration is faster, running on an AZ2 Neural Edge processor, superseding the MediaTek chip used by the previous Echo Show 5 from 2021. Speaker improvements also come to the upgraded model, aimed at producing clearer audio with deeper bass levels.

Alongside a microphone array overhaul, Amazon highlighted the Echo Show 5’s privacy credentials. Don’t want the device listening in? Flick the mic and camera switch off. Plus, there’s also a physical camera shutter that covers the lens.

Like many smart displays, the Echo Show 5 is billed as a versatile device. You can use it to read the news, see your calendar at a glance, and listen to music. Paired with other Amazon devices, like a Ring camera, you can also glimpse security feeds.

As much as Amazon would like you to stick with its ecosystem, the support of Matter is the big story here. Matter is the smart home protocol many of the biggest brands have collaborated on to ensure that you can use devices from different companies together seamlessly.

In theory, it means you could use the new Echo Show to control smart lights, temperature settings, and more from other brands – provided they all support Matter.

Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Gen price and release date

In Australia, the upgraded smart display costs $169 from Amazon, with three colours available: Charcoal, Cloud Blue, and White. Pre-orders are open now, ready for shipments starting on 10 July.

That $169 price tag puts it $50 more expensive than the previous model. It’s a pretty sizable jump, but it’s worth remembering that Amazon usually heavily discounts its tech during sales like Prime Day.

With the latest version, it bolsters Amazon’s existing smart display range, including the Echo Hub and the 15-inch Echo Show. Other brands also have their own take on the technology, including the recently-reviewed Skylight Calendar made for a more singular purpose.

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