Ring Stick Up Cam Pro uses radar for more precise home security

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro announcement

Amazon’s home security company, Ring, announced the Stick Up Cam Pro, the latest version of its best-selling range, now with 3D motion detection technology.

Alongside reveals of new Fire TV Sticks and the Echo Hub smart home controller, the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro marks the latest in a range of Amazon devices coming to Australia soon. With new technology under the hood, the Pro version of the security camera is said to provide more accurate motion alerts and better quality audio.

As explained in a blog post, the 3D motion detection feature uses radar sensors to measure the distance of objects within the camera’s line of sight. The result is the ability to further customise motion detection zones so you only get notifications when someone enters a specific location you designate. It’s something that other Pro Ring devices already have – like the Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Spotlight Cam Pro – but it’s the first time the feature has come to the Stick Up Cam range.

Enhanced audio features are another change coming to the Stick Up Cam Pro. Under the umbrella term of “Audio+”, the device includes two array microphones for better audio, echo cancellation, and a security siren.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro release date and price

Available in battery and plug-in configurations, the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is out on 18 October, with pre-orders live now. The solar-powered version costs $329, with pre-orders available directly through Ring’s website, and will also come to Amazon at launch.

Like other Ring devices, such as the Video Doorbell Plus, the new camera works in tandem with Alexa. This means you can use connected devices like an Echo or Fire TV to monitor cam feeds, as well as listen and speak to visitors. It stands to reason that the new Echo Hub, which enables viewing multiple camera feeds simultaneously, would work nicely with the latest Ring device.

Some of your other smart home security options include the Arlo Pro 5, or – if your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far – the Wyze Cam Pan which comes in at under $100.

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