AMD at CES 2020 – new mobile processors and GPUs, and a 64-core Threadripper

AMD at CES 2020
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AMD at CES 2020 was all about more x86 and GPU products to reinforce loyalty from gamers and mobile users alike.

While AMD at CES 2020 claims it now has the world’s highest-performance desktop and ultra-thin processors it’s a game of tag between it and Intel as the winner of the speed crown can change minute-by-minute.

What is clear from AMD at CES 2020 is that Intel has a serious competitor in its space although their respective designs are poles apart – each has its strengths and weaknesses.

AMD at CES 2020 – 7mn thin is good

AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile processors with Radeon Graphics

U-series up to 8 cores and 16 threads, configurable 15W TDP for ultra-thin laptops.

These figures are ‘up to’

  • 4% greater single-thread performance
  • 90% faster-multithreaded performance than the competition (Core i7-1065G7)
  • 18% faster graphics performance than the competition

H-Series Mobile Processors, configurable 45W TDP

  • 5% greater single-threaded and up to 46% greater multi-threaded performance than the competition (Core i7-9750H)
  • 25% faster 4K video encoding using Adobe Premier than the competition
  • 39% greater gameplay physics simulation performance than the competition
AMD at CES 2020

Note that mobile processors are only sold to laptop makers/OEMs.

Product Specifications: Ryzen 4000 Series and Athlon 3000 Series Mobile Processors

7 4800H 8C/16T 45W Up to 4.2/2.9 7 12
5 4600H 6C/12T 45W Up to 4.0/3.0 6 11
7 4800U 8C/16T 15W Up to 4.2/1.8 8 12
7 4700U 8C/8T 15W Up to 4.1/2.0 7 12
5 4600U 6C/12T 15W Up to 4.0 2.1 6 11
5 4500U 6C/6T 15W Up to 4.0/2.3 6 11
3 4300U 4C/4T 15W Up to 3.7/2.7 5 6
Athlon Gold 3150U 2C/4T 15W Up to 3.3/2.4 3 5
Athlon Silver 3050U 2C/2T 15W Up to 3.2/2.3 2 5

3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X

The world’s first 64-core HEDT (high-end desktop) processor out on February 7, 2020, and yes, you can buy this.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64/128 280W Up to 4.3/2.9 288 88
(72 useable)
Threadripper 3990X

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Graphics Card

 Built on AMD RDNA architecture 7nm process technology, the Radeon RX 5600 XT harnesses 6GB of GDDR6, PCIe 4.0. from US$$279.

AMD Radeon Graphics Products  for desktops and laptops (OEM only)

  • Radeon RX 5600 graphics card for high-performance 1080p mobile gaming
  • Radeon RX 5600M GPU for laptops.
  • Radeon RX 5700M GPU with 8GB of GDDR6 for the most advanced high-performance gaming laptops.
Model Compute
TFLOPS GDDR6 Game Clock13
Boost Clock14
Radeon™ RX 5600 XT 36 2304 Up to 7.19 6GB Up to 1375 Up to 1560 192-bit
Radeon™ RX 5600 32 2048 Up to 6.39 6GB Up to 1375 Up to 1560 192-bit
Radeon™ RX 5700M 36 2304 Up to 7.93 8GB Up to 1620 Up to 1720 256-bit
Radeon™ RX 5600M 36 2304 Up to 5.83 6GB Up to 1190 Up to 1265 192-bit
AMD at CES 2020

AMD FreeSync “Premium

AMD introduced the new AMD FreeSync Premium and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro (HDR) tiers, making it easier to identify and select displays delivering the best, high-refresh, ultra-smooth gaming experience. Learn more here.


AMD SmartShift technology

Harnessing the power of Ryzen processors, Radeon graphics, and the latest Radeon Software, it takes users’ gaming experiences to new levels by automatically shifting power between the Ryzen processor and Radeon graphics as needed.

AMD at CES 2020 – Dr Lisa Su – CEO

AMD at CES 2020
  • Our prime focus is on high-performance computing and graphics – we are unique in that way
  • More than 20 offerings in 7nm – way ahead of the curve
  • Strongest offerings are for gamers and content creators
  • We are working with partners like Microsoft (Surface Laptop 15, Xbox), Sony (PlayStation), Apple (MacBook, iMac) HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and ASUS to offer our power-efficient mobile and desktop solutions.
  • And we are powering Google Stadia, AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds
AMD at CES 2020