AMD’s competitor to Ivy Bridge launches: up to 12 hour laptop battery life

We’re hearing a lot about Intel’s Ivy Bridge lately, as computer manufacturers across the planet scramble to announce machines using the new chips. But what about Intel’s competitor, AMD? Well, we now have an answer, and it comes with battery life to boot.

Refreshing last year’s combined computer processor and graphics processor – AMD calls it the Accelerated Processing Unit or APU – the new chips are essentially faster and offer an increase of graphics performance of up to 56%.

Codenamed “Trinity”, the second generation of AMD’s chips is being touted for notebooks and desktops, though you can probably expect the chips in new laptops in the coming months.

AMD has said that up to 12 hours of battery life is possible using the processors, although hasn’t said what laptops will be receiving the technology.

Last week, HP announced a new “Sleekbook” type of computer, comprising of bodies similar to Ultrabooks but with different components, possibly from AMD.