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So many accessories out there cater to Apple’s iPhone, and while many are compatible, sometimes the Android folks need a little love, too, which is why GadgetGuy’s Android geek has assembled a small collection of accessories for anyone else like him.


We’ll start with the basics. When you get your phone, you’re going to want to keep it looking schmick



Price: from $10

This should be one of those obvious ones, but it isn’t to all. The first stop when you’ve purchased any phone should be a new case, primarily to protect the look, but also to deal with any drops.

Depending on the case, you might find a bit of highly protective material on the inside to help stop the damage when the inevitable drop occurs, absorbing the shock and spreading it through the material in the case and not to the screen on your phone.

You know, to stop cracks and all, because our parents always told us never to touch broken glass, and you shouldn’t either.

Screen protector


Price: from $10

When people read “Gorilla Glass”, they tend to think “yeah, this will survive ____” with that blank being filled with, well, anything in their life they take with them. Backpack, handbag, pocket, trip to the beach, anything.

But as strong as Gorilla Glass is, it’s not completely resistant to scratches. This is strengthened glass and scratch-resistant, but not able to take everything you send its way. That means scratches can and still still occur, and while we treat our phones very, very well here, they still pick up on scratches, too.

A screen protector can help here, because it means those scratches appear on that protection, not on the phone, and this will keep your screen looking spick and span.


Note: this writer doesn’t use either, but he switches phones every day or two for phone reviews, so while this might sound like a case of not practicing what we preach, you’ll find third party cases and screen protectors for the phones we’re reviewing often don’t exist by the time we start reviewing them


For many of us, the media player is dead, and we’re now relying on our phones to do this for us. No worries, because phones are great at playing back music, but here are some things you might want to make that audio experience even better on an Android phone.