An audience of one

Enjoy a private performance by your favourite musicians

It’s every music lover’s dream: being in the same room as your favourite artist, listening to every note and nuance of their playing in an audience of one.

For most of us it’s unlikely to happen, short of offering the band’s management your life savings to have them play in your home. But for a far smaller investment, you can put together a high quality music system that can get you as close as possible to that intimate performance.

Picture coming home from a hard day’s work, pouring a glass of red wine, dimming the lights and, as you close your eyes and open your ears, feeling like the stage really is right there in your room.

Whether your taste is for Ravel or Radiohead, a quality hi-fi system can create that sound stage, taking your enjoyment of music to another level.

There’s no magic involved. While we talk of ‘CD quality sound’ as if it’s a constant measure of performance, there’s actually a world of difference between the music that’s contained on the disc and what you hear through a car stereo, mini system or even a standard home cinema system.

Albums are recorded and mixed on high-end studio equipment. Listen to the disc using a similarly high quality CD player, amplifier and speakers in your home and you’ll discover new layers and textures to recordings you thought you knew note for note.

Audio Connection can tailor a quality hi-fi system to suit any size room, any musical tastes – from rock to classical to jazz – and for every level of appreciation, from the keen enthusiast to the music purist. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. While Audio Connection can satisfy the desires of the most demanding audiophile, you’ll be surprised how good your music can sound on even an entry-level dedicated hi-fi system.

It’s a small price to pay for having your favourite artist in your front room.

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