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In the long war for the tech allegiance of the masses – also known as Apple versus Android – hundreds of futile arguments are deployed. The reality is that we are all beneficiaries of the inventiveness and competition between both sides.

But Android has one big thing in its favour: choice. You can choose a phone from under a hundred dollars to over a thousand. An Android device might top out at not much more than 32GB of storage, or offer up to 2TB (if they get around to inventing microSD card that big). They come with different physical styles and different screen technologies and different flavours of their operating system.

Which means that there are plenty of choices for Xmas. Here are some of them.

Moto Z smart phone – $999

Moto Z with Hasselblad camera attached

Moto Z with Hasselblad camera attached

We’ve already see a modular form of phone with the LG G5, but the Moto Z both takes things further and is more convenient. A premium phone with hot processor and a 5.5 inch QuadHD AMOLED display, the extras just attach to the back, held by four magnetic points.

The extras can be as simple as decorative backs ($29 or $39), or as useful as an Incipio battery pack that looks like it’s part of the phone ($119). There’s also a very fancy Hasselblad 10x zoom camera back ($399), a JBL speaker ($159) and even a projector ($429).

Read about it right here in coming days in our full review. UPDATE: Review here.

Sony Xperia XZ smart phone – $999


Here’s one thing we mean about choice. The Sony Xperia XZ is the most slab-like phone we’ve come across. Switched off, it’s like an oversized, but very thin, domino. You wouldn’t think phone styles could vary that much, but this one looks unique.

But of course as a premium model from Sony, it works very nicely. And being water and dust resistant, it ought to last very well.

Read about it here.

Moto X Force smart phone – $599

Moto X Force

The Moto X Force is a good quality mid-priced phone with a large, high resolution display, a respectable camera, expandable memory (to 2TB in theory) and a big battery for extended life.


So its “killer” feature is one that all smart phone users lust after: a shatterproof screen! Of course, anything can be cracked or shattered if enough force is applied, but the claim indicates something unusual, as does the two year warranty, which promises a free replacement screen should it crack or shatter.