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Because of saturation, new customers have more choice of price entry points. Then they learn the ecosystem, like it, and stay with it.

GadgetGuy’s take – Android loyality or iOS?

Another argy-bargy survey between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Frankly, the features and capabilities of both mobile operating systems are so close that it does not matter which you use.

Apple Aficionados will laugh and have a feeling of satisfaction that 90% (approx.) of the world are using an inferior product. Brand loyalty, snobbery, overcomes all.

Android Adherents will laugh and have a feeling that 90% of the world has seen the light and is using a superior product.  Indeed Google now says Android (8.x) is as safe as the other Guy.

My take is simple. If you like Apple buy it and understand that everything from here-on-in, needs to be Apple. That includes HomeKit, Speakers, TV, smartphones, watch, iPad and iTunes.

For the rest, enjoy the benefits of an open system and what that has to offer. I suspect however that we are going to see so much more from open source in the future.