Android M is now… “Marshmallow”

Google’s dessert themed updates to its Android operating system just got a new entry, as we continue the exploration of the alphabet and add a new sweet.

This week, Google has chimed in with a name for its upcoming version of Android, previously known as “Android M” and now known as “Marshmallow”.

Yes, those fluffy gelatinous sugary soft cubes will be the next dessert themed operating system version, as Android 5.x (5.0, 5.1) “Lollipop” moves over to let Android 6.x “Marshmallow” take its place at the top of the pile.

A lovely white puffy pile.


As for the features, aside for the image of a green robot carrying a white marshmallow to big for himself — presumably for hot chocolate — you’ll likely see some more fingerprint support across apps and not just for unlocking your device (which is all it pretty much does on Android phones supporting the security mechanism), support for wireless payments over NFC, and a rotate mode to make phones show the home screen in horizontal and not just portrait.

Availability on this version of Android isn’t yet known, beyond that of some time in 2015, but we’d say it won’t be long now, possibly a few months, especially now that Google has named Android M.

Now we just need to find a way to quell this hunger for marshmallow.

Mmm… marshmallows.